Monday, July 9, 2007

hangin' in wheaton

here i am chillin' in wheaton. not sure what to do here, but i do know that i really hate reading. as ben watson said to me: "wu, reading is the bane of your existence"; i think i would agree with him on that one. who knew that getting a master's degree would require more reading and reflecting (i hate reflecting just as much).

i did get a chance to take a break from the reading and cruise the wheaton suburbs on a segway. our good family friends, have 2 of them, so one night rach and i cruised the neighborhood on the segways. too bad samantha was sleeping, i think she would have liked the ride.

other than that not much else. samantha and rachel are in minnesota now, eating spam and shopping at target. i'm still in wheaton - reading.

here's a few updated picts of samantha:

Sunday, July 1, 2007

go big or go home! (i didn't go home)

grip it and rip it, i say! and i ripped it really good.

this morning i went wakeboarding and split my chin with my knee :) 7 stitches on the outside and 3 on the inside! chicks dig scars, so i'm set with the ladies (at least the two in my house). i'll post some nice pictures when i get them, but now i'm off to drive to wheaton with the rents. we're pulling an all-nighter, this was so i could wakeboard this morning, and now look what happened. bummer!

rach and samantha are flying - lucky!!!