Saturday, May 10, 2008

my new video

everywhere we go, samantha gets a lot of attention. so i decided to do a little experiment.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


yesterday ended up being the day when the station resumed power and we could get on tv. when we arrived to the station, we realized that we would not be on a stage, but only sit as audience members on an "oprah-like" tv show. clearly the foreign teachers were only there for their faces. somehow the wu's were placed in a dark corner as part of the studio audience. clearly we were not going to see any air time.

there was a time when i was in college that i was asked to be in every photo ad for the school. you know to promote the school as a diverse student body, even though there was only 10 asians on campus. i didn't mind, i like the attention :) but yesterday, i seem to have been shafted from the camera due to my similar appearance to the rest of the audience. nuts! i did get some air time when we all had to say: "ma ma wo ai ni" (mom, i love you) and look into the camera, but i'll probably end up being cut out.

the studio and studio audience - notice you can't see any wu's. the tv camera didn't see any either.

rach and sam in their dark spot in the audience.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

no power?

yesterday we were supposed to go to the local tv station to sing a chinese song about mothers for mother's day. we got to the meeting place and the bus was ready to take us to the station, when the tv station called and said, "don't come, there is no power". interesting, a tv station with no power? i hope they were still able to broadcast cartoons.