Tuesday, April 24, 2007

exam time

today i gave a midterm exam for my oral english class. during the easter holiday, we learned about the easter story and some different aspects of it. so for the exam, i thought i would help out their grade and give them an easy question about easter:

who is the disciple/student who betrayed jesus?

a student answered: yoda

i couldn't grade any more exams after that, all i could do is giggle and think about jesus talking to yoda. i knew that little green guy was evil.

Monday, April 23, 2007

christmas in may? and more ...

today the mail arrived and we received 5 christmas cards, i realize that mail in china can be slow, but wow!! they must have arrived via the donkey cart. this is a new kind of slow, it will be hard for me to complain about the US post office ever again. rachel even received some birthday cards. what an exciting day!!! (the postmark on one card was from december 3rd, 2006)

here i am trying to hear lilo, but all i heard was rach's stomach gurgle.

i just returned from dropping rach off in beijing, so she's a local beijing peep, until lilo comes. i have to teach this week and then i'll move there next week until lilo makes here grand entrance. so here's some subway pictures from the weekend in beijing. it was a little bit crowded!

and this is why i love queuing day!! there's a poster to promote standing in line on the 11th of every month. here seth and i are demonstrating the proper way to "queue it up!" (the people in the picture have their mouths open, in case you are wondering why we chose the "pac-man" look)

spring is also in the air!!! beijing was already green and warm, where siping is still chilly and brown. but i did spot some signs of spring coming very quickly. if you look really close you can see a little green bud coming out.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

new home for the screaming squirrel

welcome to the new home for the screaming squirrel. i had to relocate to a new blog, since china was so kind to block xanga. i thought it was temporary thing, kinda like the whole "beanie baby" phase in the late 90s, just a passing phase. but i guess i was wrong. although this good old blogspot place seems to be blocked every now and then too, but at least on a good day, i can still get to it.

a lot has happened since my last screaming squirrel post. we've celebrated easter, gone to beijing, ate some pie, i turned 31, had some parties, and went to beijing some more. our last trip to beijing was for a "birthing class". oh my goodness!!!! the whole time i just thanked the man upstairs for making me a boy. sorry ladies! the whole birth thing looks more painful than getting kicked in the boys a billion times. i told rach she should get a c-section and avoid all that pain.

rach moves to beijing this weekend to live until the baby gets here. my sister, the famous mavis davis, will be coming to beijing to be with rach while i'm still in siping teaching. the first week of may i will move to beijing and we will wait for "lilo" to enter the world :)

so that's the update on the new home for the screaming squirrel!

here's a picture of brooke and rach on our last stop in beijing. brooke is due about 3 weeks before rach.

and here are the taxis at the train station in beijing. i just want to note that's its not even the olympics yet and look at all the cars, at least they are in lines (must have been the 11th-queuing day).