Thursday, August 23, 2007

we made it :)

made it to china, sitting in the stinkin' hot and humid weather of beijing and trying to stay awake from jet-lag. i forgot to start smoking in the states before i got back to beijing, so that my lungs would be ready for the pollution.

samantha has her day and night all jacked up. why can't she sleep when i want to sleep?

peace out from the motherland!

Friday, August 10, 2007

hanging in grand rapids

we're hanging in grand rapids, mi. now. it's been a good time to see a lot of old friends. it's too bad we only see them once a year now :(

austin was sweet, we took samantha to the sweet SPAM museum, rach had some spam, so that means samantha had some too. mmmmm, delicious spam, so good in your tummy!

here's a salute to my buddy greg walker: my friend greg is a big city lawyer that likes to talk it up all the time, we call him "all talk walk". well lets just say he likes to jibber jabber about everything. he went on a trip to portugal in college with our friend sherri, while they were there he bought this metal ship. ever since the trip to portugal, greg makes it known to sherri that he has this ship that sherri will never be able to have. 9 years ago, sherri and i were at greg's parent's house and i stole the ship and gave it to sherri. sherri has had the ship for 9 years, everytime we see greg, we bring up the ship and he yaps about how he has the ship and sherri didn't get it. the whole time we know the ship is collecting dust at sherri's house, but "all talk" keeps yapping away about how he was the winner of the ship. so when we were in chicago, sherri gave greg the ship back. poor guy ... too bad this won't stop him from talking. too bad he also doesn't know that i stole something from his house this time and i'm going to wait another 9 years to give it back to him. sucker!!!!

here's greg, sherri, me and the ship:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

it's been a long time ...

yes, faithful blog readers (the 3 of you), it's been quite a while. but now i'm free and can blog away.

my classes are finished (finally), so i can stop reading for the summer (except for harry potter). now we are hanging out in spam land usa. we'll get to the museum one day and take some pictures with the spam cans :) i'll also get some updates on the police reports for austin, mn (i'm sure there's lots of crime happening).

we are heading to grand rapids next week (around the 4th) and then we will make a stop in cedarville on the 12th and then head back to north carolina on the 13th and leave for china on the 20th.

so far the summer has been good (except for the plethora of reading, not the harry potter), samantha is getting fatter and fatter (she's moved from the 15% to the 80% in weight). she's just bulking up for china, if she's like her dad she'll drop 10% of that weight in the first week back in china.

here's a few picts of samantha:

here's my salute to creepy uncle seth (watch out kids, he drives a segway and a van!)