Friday, June 27, 2008

back in the USA

we're finally home :) and finally able to access the blog. even though most of the faithful fans of the screaming squirrel have stopped checking on the blog, i'll still drop a little post.

we got home a few days ago after having a flight canceled in DC, which stinks because at that point we'd been traveling for 20 hours and sitting in the DC airport for 5 hours when we could have driven home in that amount of time. we did get to spend 3 hours in a really nice hotel and take a nap at 2:30 am. good thing we were all jacked up on the time, because it didn't matter that is was so early in the morning to us. we had to take a taxi to the hotel, but when finally got to the taxi, the driver said, "i can't take you without a car seat". we were like "what's a car seat?". after standing in the taxi line at 2:30 am for 20 minutes, it never occurred to us that we even needed a car seat, we were just going to hold samantha like we always do. i'd blame it on the 2:30am thing, but it wasn't because we were tired, it's because we've been living in a land of non safety standards for so long, that we forgot that there is a thing called "safety".

on another note, yesterday we went to target, wow! i forgot about how much stuff there is in america. i especially like the clean floors and air conditioning, that was fantastic!