Friday, October 19, 2007

chirp chirp chirp

this morning i awoke to the wonderful sound of a bird chirping loudly. it was so loud and real sounding that i thought rach had bought one of those fancy alarm clocks from sharper image. you know the ones with all the sounds of nature, the birds chirping, and even the water flowing noise (the one that makes you have to pee). well, i realized that the sound of the chirping and fluttering was too loud and real to be coming from the outside. so i ventured into the living room and behold, i saw a tiny bird flying around the window. what the heck? how did this bird get in our house? i still don't know. but i trapped it behind the curtains to contain in the window, but it didn't fly outside. instead it flew behind the slats that encase the radiator. so i called seth and had him come down to help me. we took off the wooden slats that covered the radiator and poked around with sticks and the bird finally flew out and then out the window. he was a creepy little guy. i was scared he was going to peck my eyes out.

"good thing you can't get diseases from birds" (quote from michael scott on "the office")

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

unblocked :)

fantastic news from the motherland! currently blogspot is unblocked :) don't know how long this will last, so i'll have to squeeze a post in.

every day (mon-friday) the sophomores are required to write 6 english words on a tiny chalkboard. everyday the words are different, so they have to change them every night. in the morning, someone checks all of them and corrects them if there are any mistakes. last week i asked one student if i could write his words for him, just as a joke. he decided to leave my words up on the chalkboard so that they could be reviewed. good news, i passed :) i was a little nervous because i definitely do not possess the chinese style of written english. yes, even though i'm chinese, i just don't got it. but i did get a nice check mark (i think the checker knew that i wrote the words and didn't want the foreign teacher to lose face).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

back on the attack

here's the skinny, i'm still being blocked by my friends being the great internet firewall, so it keeps me from updating so frequently. also, our computer, took a pooper and decided to crash 3 weeks ago. we just got it back and we have a brand new hard drive :) oh yeah, which means all the stuff on the old hard drive is gone :( so sad.

every year the freshman have to go through military training on all the campuses across china. they learn to march around, it pretty exciting stuff (not really, but if there is a person behind the firewall reading this, i want them to know that i endorse the training). so for 3 weeks the freshman learn how to march around and they get pretty good at it. this year the teachers got to join them and march around the track with the students from their department. i learned that i can't march worth beans. i have my own beat that goes on in my melon and it's not the same as everyone else. the teachers around me tried to help me and tell me what foot step when, but it didn't help (it also didn't help that they told me in chinese). so that was our latest great adventure here. i'm going to stick to napping, that's what i'm a professional at, so why mess with it.

on another note, the weather has taken a turn for the cold, what a bummer!

this is a video that sonny made, it's pretty funny:

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