Wednesday, June 27, 2007

home sweet home

we finally made it home :) samanatha showed her true wu colors and slept the entire flight home (only woke up to eat-true wu fashion). now we are hanging in n.c. eating and sleeping, the good life.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

1 week away - maybe?

we are scheduled to leave for the states next week saturday. when i say scheduled, i mean that is the day that we requested from our school to get our tickets for. but it's now one week away and we still have no tickets. what a dilemma! so maybe we'll be home in a week, maybe not.

we've had a lot of things going on here the past week. josiah and sarah (the little one) both had birthdays, and they had super awesome birthday parties! josiah's party was a super hero theme, i was super fro man and rach was "the ruler" (her super power was measuring things). sarah's birthday party was a color theme (purple, pink, and yellow). i own nothing in that color. but luckily samantha is taking this purple medicine for an infection she has. this medicine stains everything it touches, so i decided to use it to tie dye a shirt (pretty fancy). i hope you are impressed.

so hopefully the wu's will be home in a week, if not, we'll see you cats when we see you!

Monday, June 4, 2007

we're back!

we're back home in siping :) we've been here almost 2 weeks now! a lot has happened, grandma and grandpa soderstrom came and left, aunt lauren also appeared for a little visit. we also used them to haul all our stuff back from beijing to siping on the train. between the 5 of us and one baby, we had 10 huge bags, full of stuff, mostly for the baby. and one pack and play, which by the way is not very light. you'd think they would be easy to drag around, but not the case senor, it was quite the pain to drag around the train stations. but everything made it and we got off the train in time too!

we've taken samantha out on the town a few times now and everyone wants to see her and poke her. the big shocker is that she is less than a month old and we are taking her outside. all the old people are in shock when we tell them how old she is. they say that the baby and the mother shouldn't leave the house until a month. and then i say in america, we don't do that, and then they are even more confused. you see, the month after a woman has a baby, they should stay at home and rest in bed the whole time. during this time, they are not supposed to leave the bed/house, they can't take a bath, brush their teeth or hair, they are pretty much under house arrest (without the tether on their ankle). how crazy is that? good thing rachel didn't follow that.

our plan is to leave china on the 23rd of june and head to north carolina first. so see you all soon!!! (i know nobody wants to see rach and i, but you have to if you want to see the baby)