Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's been a while

i realize that it's been forever since i posted anything remotely interesting, but how do you follow "samantha's tricks"? i figured i'd give it some time before i found something else to post.

we've returned safely from thailand. everyone in china says that samantha and i are black now? is there not a word for "tan" in chinese? they should really have one, because calling people black seems rather odd.

on my way back we had to fly through a few different airports and along the way, i had two thing stolen off my luggage. one of them was my awesome jingjing luggage tag that was ripped off somewhere and another thing was a flip flop key chain that said "samantha" on it, it was attached to her stroller and they totally stole it. jerks! these are things that don't accidently fall off, they have to be purposely taken off.

here's picture of samantha eating bamboo worms in thailand. she kept asking for more, she must have eaten about 50 of those little guys.