Saturday, April 3, 2010

please come to siping mcdonalds!

i read this little article about mcdonalds, i really hope they come to our city. in case you didn't know, our little city doesn't have a mcdonalds, but they do have 3 kfc's. i know what you are thinking - who goes to kfc? i never go while in america, but here in siping, i love it.

McDonald's to double China outlets in 3 years (March 30, 2010, AP)

McDonald's said Tuesday it plans to nearly double its number of outlets in China by the end of 2013 as the US fast-food giant seeks to expand its presence in the world's biggest developing economy. The company aims to boost the number of its outlets in China to 2,000 from around 1,100 in three years, Dow Jones Newswires reported, citing Tim Fenton, the company's president of Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. McDonald's will open 150-175 outlets in the country this year, its China chief executive Kenneth Chan said.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

text message

here in china, text messaging seems to be the only way to communicate with each other. for one thing it's wicked cheap. so we always get funny text messages from our students who try to explain things to us in english, but clearly have no idea what the english word really means that they just wrote.

for example tonight i got a gem of a text message:
"dear mr. wu, i'm vivian (name changed to protect the identity). sorry to disturb you. there appears herpes simplex virus infection again. it's a great pity to miss your class again. i'll be back next week. thank you!"

ahh classic :) thank you chinese-english dictionary. and yes it is a big pity, but a bigger pity for you and your virus.