Tuesday, March 22, 2011

english class

here's the latest lesson from sam's preschool. rach and i noticed the english lesson on the door to her room last week.

the interesting phrase that they are learning is "get off the bus piggy". who is piggy? i hope they aren't learning to call fat people piggy. that would be a shame. i'm not really sure what they are learning. i was hoping that sam would be going to english class, because i think it would be funny and her english is probably better than the teacher's. but she only goes to school in the morning and english is in the afternoon, so i guess she won't be going. oh well, at least her english is pretty good.

here's also a picture of the cabinet that i successfully opened.

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M&L Verwys said...

Thanks for the photos!

Oh Sam in English class- keep us posted next year! :)